Serverless Applications

Learn how to implement Continuous Integration and
. Start automating the deployment of serverless
applications running on AWS

Course Description

The objective of this course is to provide the information and hands on experience necessary for using Amazon Web Services to move a serverless application from repository into the various release stages of a typical deployment pipeline under AWS using automation.continuous delivery

During this intensive one day session you will learn how to:

  • Move serverless application code from GitHub into a deployment pipeline that resides in Amazon Web Services
  • Use automation to create an AWS based API the uses the serverless application code
  • Use automation in the cloud to test serverless application code using CodeBuild
  • Use automation to deploy serverless application upon update in GitHub

Teaching is facilitated using Code District’s, Look-Watch-Do methodology. Look-Watch-Do is a 3 step approach to teaching mission critical technical content in a hands on manner. First, the instructor presents a concept and implementation technique to be learned in a series of PowerPoint slides. Second, the instructor demonstrates in real time the concept and implementation technique just presented. Third, attendees take over and do the demonstrated procedures in an hands on manner, using the courses’s step-by-step, Implementing a CI/CD Deployment Process Study Guide PDF. The Study Guide is provided to all attendees at the start of the course.

Prerequisites & Requirments

This course is designed for programmers and DevOps personnel who have previous experience creating applications or experience supporting application deployment. Code examples will be in NodeJs. However, the concepts covered are applicable to any language that is supported by AWS Lambda.

Attendees are required to have an AWS account. All code used in the course will be available on GitHub.