React.js Weekend Training

Quickly learn the skills you need to immediately
implement React.js into your applications

Dedicate this one weekend to React.js and learn how to utilize it’s power in your own personal development or at work.

Reactjs training class

After being open-sourced in 2013, React has quickly grown into the most popular JavaScript library in use today. Now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with this burgeoning front-end technology.

This course is intended for developers with intermediate JavaScript experience who want to understand the fundamentals, principles, and capabilities of React.

Immediately Start Implementing React.jsAWS and React

You will learn development principles of the React.js framework by diving hands-first into working examples. You’ll learn how to build web apps that are highly interactive and easy to maintain. You will gain the skills you need to immediately implement React.js in your applications using professional test-driven development tools and methodologies.

Senior Software Engineer and Instructor, Troy Miles will guide you through the development of a real-world application using React and AWS. By the end of the workshop you will have a good idea of what ReactJS is and how you can use it in your JavaScript applications.

Yes, it will be a long weekend, but you WILL be taught React.js!

Course Topics

Day One

  • Introduction
    • React
    • What’s new in React 16?
  • Setting up
    • Installing Node
    • Package.json
    • Webpack
    • Babel
    • Hello React
    • ES6 Quickly
  • Components & JSX
    • The React Libraries
    • Component Composition
    • Properties
    • State
  • React & the DOM
    • Events
    • Hands-on: Event Handling
    • Attributes
    • Hands-on: Attribute passing
  • Deeper JSX
    • Conditionals
    • Comments
    • Hands-on: Conditionals
    • XSS
    • Element Factories
    • Styling
    • Hands-on: JSX & Styling
  • Forms
    • Submission
    • Validation
    • Hands-on: Forms
  • Building Apps with Components
    • Defaults
    • Property types
    • Custom types
    • Hands-on: built-in & custom types
    • Composition
    • State vs Props
    • Data flow
    • Component Lifecycle & Methods
    • Hands-on: Ajax
  • Animation in React
    • CSS Transitions
    • Keyframe Animation
    • CSSTransitionGroup
    • Hands-on: Animation
    • Hands-on: Drag & Drop
  • Debugging
    • Chrome Dev Tools
    • React DevTool
  • Routing
    • React Router
    • Home
    • Handling parameters
    • Setting links
    • Hands-on: Routing
    • Decoupling
    • Programmatic routes
    • Hands-on: Programmatic routes
    • History
  • Day one summary

Day Two

  • Redux
    • The Three Principles
    • Actions
    • Reducets
    • Stores
    • Hands-on: ToDo with Redux
    • Components vs Containers
    • Middleware
    • Redux DevTools
  • AWS Static Site
    • Simple Storage Service
    • S3 Console
    • CloudFront
    • Route53
    • Next Steps
  • Jest
    • What is Jest?
    • Installing Jest
    • Installing React Test Utilities
    • Writing Test
    • Hands-on: Writing unit tests
    • Simulating events
    • Hands-on: Tests with events
  • React Everywhere
    • Using Express
    • Hands-on: Simple Express Server
    • React on the server
    • Hands-on: Server-side Rendering
  • Best Practices
  • Summary



All attendees must have an intermediate level of experience with JavaScript.

System Requirements & Development Environment

Participates should bring a laptop/notebook computer. Mac or PC with any modern web browser installed and working wireless capabilities.