Full Stack Javascript
Development with the MEAN STACK

{ JavaScript from client to server }

Learn How to Use Your JavaScript Skills to Build Powerful Full Stack Applications!

This weekend-long course is designed and dedicated to growing your skills as a full stack, JavaScript developer. You will work through hands-on, real world
exercises and build a fully functional application using the MEAN Stack and learn how to deploy it to Heroku!

Angular 2 will be covered

What is the MEAN Stack?

The idea is quite simple. There are 4 main parts to MEAN:

  • MongoDB as the database
  • Express as the web framework
  • Angular as the frontend framework
  • Node.js as the server platform


Why Use the MEAN Stack?

  • Code completely in Javascript, from client to server. This is great for those skilled in Javascript
  • JavaScript all the way down increases productivity
  • Easily create a modern, responsive and dynamic web or mobile applications
  • All components of MEAN are free, open-source projects, regularly updated and very flexible to both use and customize to your needs

Who is This Weekend Workshop For?

  • This weekend training course is ideal for corporations who wish to get their employees up to speed quickly for in house projects
  • Technical recruiting firms that want to make their candidates more marketable
  • Anyone that desires to get up to speed with MEAN quickly and have an instructor on hand to ask questions, thus saving humongous amounts of time learning it on their own

Start Learning Full Stack JavaScript Development

This class is a deep study into the technologies that are central to the MEAN Stack toolset.

The future of the web is dynamic, full stack, real-time JavaScript applications. Take this opportunity to start learning full stack, Javascript development with MEAN. In doing so, you will become invaluable in the job market.


Students who attend this course should have:

  • JavaScript experience
  • General database experience
  • HTML and CSS experience
  • No experience is assumed with Node.js, MongoDB, NoSQL, or AngularJS.

Target Audience

Software developers who want to learn how to leverage this powerful and modern web stack. You should have experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some form of database (although MongoDB experience is not required). This is a beginner’s course.

Course Topics

  • Express 4
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS

Getting Started with Node.js

  • What is MEAN stack?
  • Javascript Basics
  • Package management with npm
  • Blocking I/O vs Non-Blocking I/O
  • Asynchronous calls
  • Event Loop in Node


  • Whats a document store
  • Mongodb Pros/Cons
  • Intro to NoSQL and MongoDB
  • Using Mongoose


  • Express basic concepts
  • Yeoman Generator
  • Auth with Passport

Angular 2

  • Intro
  • Components
  • Directives
  • Injectors

Bringing it all together (Single Page Application – SPA)

  • Creating Routes
  • CRUD
  • Authentication
  • Deploy to Heroku

System Requirements and Development Environment

Participates should bring a laptop/notebook computer. Mac or PC with any modern web browser installed and working wireless capabilities.