React.js Development with the
MERN Stack

Get a full weekend of deep training in full stack JavaScript programming!

Save time learning on your own. Start Building with React, MongoDB, Express, & Node. The MERN Stack.

Learning a new JavaScript framework is difficult. You can spend weeks learning new concepts. If an online example doesn’t work, you may spend countless hours Googling, searching Stack Overflow and blogs for the solution.

Take the fast track and learn from an experienced Senior Software Engineer and professional instructor! Mern stack

About this Course

This highly interactive course features a large amount of student labs and hands-on coding. You will be taught how to assemble the complete stack required to build a modern web app using React.js, MongoDB (a NoSQL database) and Express (a framework for web application servers). This course will also cover many other tools that go into building a complete web application: React Router, React-Bootstrap, Redux, Babel, and webpack.

What You Will Learn

  • Use of modern JavaScript features
  • Webpack
  • Read and write data to a MongoDB database
  • Node & Express
  • Babel
  • React
  • State Management with Redux
  • Mongoose
  • And More!

React is powerful and is an amazing and popular open source library created by Facebook that makes building websites and apps that scale a breeze. By the end of this weekend, you’ll understand the essentials of React.js and MERN Stack development and be able to start utilizing it in your own projects.

The Curriculum

  • Getting Started
    • Installation check
    • What is the MERN stack?
  • JavaScript ES2015 Refresher
    • Using ES2015 safely
    • Babel
    • var, let, and const
    • import, export, and export default
    • class
    • String interpolation
    • Array methods
  • Webpack
    • What is webpack?
    • Customizing webpack
  • npm
    • package.json
    • commands
    • Installing packages
    • Script commands
    • Dependencies
  • mLab
    • Signing up
    • Understanding your connections string
    • Creating a database user
    • Be careful with your user name/ password
  • MongoDB
    • Introduction
    • Importing/Exporting data
    • Basic queries
    • Geospatial queries
    • Sorting
    • Installation
    • Building the starter app
    • Project structure
    • Adding components
  • Node & Express
    • The difference between Node & Express
    • Reading environmental variables
    • REST APIs
  • Mongoose
    • Connecting to a MongoDB Server
    • Writing schemas
    • Reading, filtering and writing data
  • Heroku
    • Heroku CLI
    • Creating an app
    • Deploying to Heroku
    • Add environmental variables
    • Troubleshooting
  • React
    • What is React?
    • What are the benefits of React?
    • Creating React components
    • JavaScript Syntax Extension, aka JSX
    • Prop and state
  • Redux
    • Introduction to Redux
    • Actions
    • Reducers
    • Store
    • Data Flow
  • Building Our App
    • Creating components
    • Adding routes
    • Wiring the client and server
    • Analyzing HTTP network traffic
    • Running unit tests
  • Wrap up
    • React Native sneak peak
    • Where to learn more?
    • Resources
Class Preparation Install Notes

Why Should You Take This Class?

If you you want to get up and running FAST with the MERN Stack and don’t have the time to read through all the documentation or search all over the web for tutorials, then this in depth training is perfect for you.


Students should have the following tools installed: Git, Node.js, a code editor such as Sublime Text, and Google Chrome.


All attendees must be experienced JavaScript developers with at least a intermediate understanding of JavaScript, including prototypes and functions.


Your success is important to us. Therefore we allow students to repeat the course for FREE. Priority is given to first-time students, so we cannot reserve a place for you beyond a 24 hour window. If you wish to retake this class, simply email us at the business day before the class session. If there is space-available at that time, we will give you that space. All repeat seats are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to seat availability.