React & Redux Training Workshops

Quickly learn the skills you need to immediately
begin utilizing React.js & Redux into your applications

Intro to Application Development with React.js

Immediately Start Implementing React.js!Learn React
In this weekend workshop you will learn development principles of the React.js framework by diving hands-first into working examples. You’ll learn how to build web apps that are highly interactive and easy to maintain. You will gain the skills you need to immediately implement React.js in your applications using professional test-driven development tools and methodologies.

Senior Software Engineer and Instructor, Mark Richter will guide you through the development of a real-world application using React. By the end of the workshop you will have a good idea of what ReactJS is and how you can use it in your JavaScript applications.

Yes, it will be a long weekend, but you WILL be taught React.js!


All attendees must have an intermediate level of experience with JavaScript.

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Advanced React with Redux & Redux-Sagas

Redux is the favorite, predictable state container for React applications. What is Redux-Saga? It is middleware for Redux which isolates side-effect producing code. It makes things like data fetching and other asynchronous tasks easier to implement, more straightforward to test, and more resilient to failure.

Students will gain the ability to build production-quality React applications using Redux and Redux-Saga. You will learn how to architect your application and create practical unit tests.
Learn Redux

What You Will Learn

  • Redux
  • Redux Patterns
  • Redux-Saga
  • Generators
  • Saga Helpers
  • Testing Sagas

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You should already be comfortable with React and skilled at using advanced JavaScript constructs like destructuring, and the spread operator. If not, please take our Intro to Application Development with React.js first. This session will not review introductory React.

System Requirements for Both Workshops

Participates should bring a laptop/notebook computer. Mac or PC with any modern web browser installed and working wireless capabilities.